Could Photography be a form of Therapy

IMG_7244Photography has become one of the biggest hobbies in the world thanks to digital cameras. With the invention of digital cameras accessibility to cameras has increased and the complexes of film technology are gone, making it easier and cheaper to take up photography as a pastime.

Photography is a creative pursuit, each individual uses their imagination to capture images that are interesting and unique to them. Back to the question, could photography be a form of Therapy ? I have directly asked photographers this question and found that each of these people shared how photography makes them feel.

Many talk about how happy they are when taking photos and feeling at peace with their surroundings. Photography is an outlet for the desire to create something of beauty or spark, an emotional response for others to admire. For many photographers creating images is their happy place , many do it not for financial reward, but for the way it makes them feel, so for many it is a form of therapeutic pastime.

In a world of fast paced lifestyles, taking photos of the world around you is an opportunity to slow things down,  capture the beauty around you and study the details which are often missed. Photography to many people has a different meaning, yet, the memories all remain a moment in time frozen,  and forever viewable.

Whether you’re pursuing photography solo or with a group of people the results are the same to the way it can make you feel, for many it’s an outlet to keep them grounded and feel good about the images they are capturing. So in my way of thinking yes, most definitely, Photography is a great therapy.

Very happy shooting everyone

Enjoy the buzz