What Is A Photomarathon?

203620A3-6CBA-44A5-B17A-CA8FD65AF239A Photomarathon is a photography competition with a difference, it combines photography and the basic elements of a marathon. Participants are required to shoot a series of photographs on predetermined briefs in a set period of time (Typically between 12-24 hours).

Usually Photomarathons involve briefs being released each hour which makes the event more challenging. Photographers have to plan the shoot, pick the location, choose the subject and take the shot within the space of 60 minutes all based on how they interpret the brief.

The concept for a Photomarathon started in Madrid in the early 1980s, courtesy of friends Eduardo Soto & Antonio Bolivar. With an incredible turnout of 2515 photographers  competing all of whom were shooting on film, the judges must have had their work cut out for them when choosing a winner with this amount of entries !
Since this, Photomarathons have been running in different cities all over the world.

Photomarathons are a great way to expand ones photography skills, with a set brief and only a short time to capture the final image this really tests the photographer, sometimes encouraging them to get out of their comfort zone. Many of these photographers surprise themselves with the images they produce throughout the Photomarathon.

Photomarathons are ideal for any skill level from photographers just starting out to seasoned professionals, most let you can shoot with any type of digital camera, including the one you carry everyday in your pocket, yes the camera phone.

This year Photo Mission is hosting the 2018 Photomarathon nation-wide, the event will run over the 13 & ‪14th October‬. For further details, please visit our website at http://www.photomission.com.au



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