Bubble Businesses

What is a Bubble Business?  It’s a business opportunity that comes from new technology or new a trend, generally growing quickly and fading just as fast.

With the introduction of social media platforms many new businesses have formed, but, how stable are they compared to traditional business models?

We have already seen the rise and fall of many internet based businesses, many connected to the photography industry.

Instagram has produced businesses dubbed Digital Influencers, these are users who generally have a large following and are paid to post content designed to influence the viewers to buy or use particular products or services.

Some digital influencers have the power to drive share prices to increase/decrease dramatically just by commenting about a company .

The real questions is, are these influencers businesses sustainable? Cracks are appearing in the digital influencers industry, companies who were paying big bucks because they feared they were missing out on market share by not utilising this marketing strategy, are now rethinking how they use their advertising budgets.

An increase of interest has developed around this new founded occupation thanks to the mass earnings these influencers obtain. In recent months we have seen people who are wanting to get into the digital influencing space creating content for businesses for free in the hope they get paid work in the future.

I don’t think in the history of business there has been a business open its doors and give all their merchandise away for free, most will have opening discounts and limited number of free samples.

As technology and social trends progress will we see these bubble businesses pop up and then disappear just as fast?

If you can make hay while the sun shines

Until next time

Stephen Finkel

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