The Airside Experience

Photo Credit taken by the Canon Collective blog3

For photographers it’s all about getting the shot. We, as photographers, are constantly looking for locations that give us a unique view of an everyday scene.

Air travel has become a regular part of life for many people and is somewhat taken for granted, what happens behind the scenes to keep those planes in the air to many of us is unknown.

Normally the behind the scenes workings of the modern airport is out of sight to the public. This is the stuff we photographers love, getting to see and capture the stuff the average person never sees.

Airports by nature, are very secure places with lots of physical barriers, lots of security checks and clearances which stop photographers getting up close and personal with the day to day operations.

Imagine an opportunity for a photographer to capture some of the magic that happens at airports every day. Getting behind the scenes and having a front row seat to see aircraft takeoff/landing and many of the other things that happen at airports.

Well, at Brisbane Airport a group of 17 photographers got the chance to have this very unique experience and go airside with their cameras, an event organised by BNE Corp and Canon Collective.

So, what were those photographers treated to? They boarded a bus at BNE Corp headquarters which took them airside to a location that is perfect to capture the incoming aircraft. One of the special arrivals on the morning was China Airlines A350-900 [B-18901] first flight into Brisbane.

blog4Photo Credit Stephen Finkel China Airlines A350-900 [B-18901]

After capturing several of the aircraft take offs and landings the photographers were back on the bus to see the operations area where the loading and unloading of the aircraft happens. Also parked at the International Terminal was an Emirates A380 [A6-EDC] and an Antonov 124-100m [UR-82707], what a monster of an aircraft!

The photographers were able to stop and get off the bus for 5 minutes to photograph the A380 and Antonov up close. These are impressive aircrafts and a real treat to be able to capture without the limitation of fences and barriers.

Blog1Photo Credit Stephen Finkel Emirates A380 [A6-EDC]

blog2Photo Credit Stephen Finkel Antonov 124-100m [UR-82707]

Finally, back on the bus to the end of the runway for some final shots. [ Class Photo March 2018 top of post ] How do I know all this? Well I was one of those lucky 17

A very special thanks to Sarah at BNE Corp and the Canon Collective team for allowing us airside access for an up close look at how Brisbane airport works #brisbaneairport #canoncollective

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