Who Should You Trust to Capture Your Special Day?



When two people fall in love, and decide they want to spend their lives together, a wedding is both a happy and stressful time for couples. There are many firsts during this period, one is hiring an experienced photographer to capture that special day, for many people this will be the first time they’re paying someone to take photos of themselves.

They may have been photographed by a professional photographer for school or family photos in the past, but someone else chose the photographers. So, with all the other distractions that are happening during this time, with guest lists, venues, dresses, flowers, cake, budget blowouts plus many more things.

There one thing that you want to get right for your special day, your photos should last a lifetime, well after the flowers have wilted, the cake has been eaten, and the day is just a memory in everyone’s minds. Your wedding photos are a permanent reminder of that day. You can hold them and share them, and they are just as vibrant and alive as you were on your wedding day.

Choosing a photographer can be tough, and setting a budget is important you could consider spending less on cake and flowers or venue as photos are the forever part of the day, having some extra in your budget may mean your photographer can capture more of your day.

Word of mouth is a good way to start, ask friends to look at their photos ask yourself to do you like the style of the photographer, meet with the photographer. I suggest you check out several photographers, your wedding is a very personal day, and you will have chosen elements included in the day that say something about you, so you need a photographer who gets that feeling and can capture it.

There are several questions you should ask the photographer, like what if they become ill who will take over, do they enough equipment with them in the event of something failing in the day, how do they protect the images/backup, etc. the copyright on the images. How do they manage that?

When you find the right photographer, you should feel totally comfortable with them as, they are as responsible for the forever part of capturing the memories of your wedding day.

Your wedding photos, this will be some of the best investments in money you will spend on your special day.

Best Regards Stephen



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