Is Self Doubt Holding You Back


Have you hit the wall with your photography?

1. lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities.

One of the things I have noticed about photographers is the high level of self doubt, I seen this in photography forums as many photographers are reluctant to post images because they don’t believe their images are good enough , compared to other photographers.

Photography is highly subjective and each photographer has their own style, as a photographer the only comparisons you should make are on your own work , now do your shots compare that you took 12 months ago to the ones you take today.
Not everyone going to like all your images.

We are all different, and if I can use food as an example we all like and enjoy different foods and this doesn’t stop us eating the things we love even when everyone around you is saying how can you eat that, if we could apply this thinking to our photography and create the types of images we love but knowing not everyone going to like them , but that’s ok.
Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever does , surround yourself with likeminded people, there are plenty of good ideas for helping overcome self doubt on the internet.
One thing to remember no one is immune to self doubt, even the best photographers in the world at times will suffer from self doubt , your not alone as a photographer, to avoid hitting the brick wall , so maybe it’s a good time to learn how to climb over it, and take you photography to a whole new level.

Best Regards Stephen


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