Great images are made by photographers not cameras.

IMG_9853-001I have read a lot lately about this brand doesn’t  have enough of this or that , or this brand is better at this feature, I feeling people are getting sucked in the marketing and getting too hung up on the fine technical details about modern cameras. And this is affecting them and their photography.

Time to peel it back, good photographers take great images, with what never camera they own , this has always been the case, but brand/ model shaming is not helping photographers to grow their confidence and skills, by making them think to improve, by need to keep upgrading their equipment.

People seem to think its their camera holding them back, the truth is it’s themselves holding them back,any modern digital camera in the hands of a confident photographer can capture powerful and interesting images.

Lets turn the clock back 50 years those great images created by photographers back them, are still considered great images today , the level of technology in the cameras back fifty years ago compared today cameras, is like cheese and chalk.

My electric toothbrush has more technology then cameras from that era.

So lets not get caught up in the hype around the camera you shoot or should be shooting with, believe in yourself first, it you want upgrade something that will help your photography, then upgrade your thinking , shoot as often are you can , shoot things you like.

I not saying never upgrade your equipment, but once you understand what type of photographer you are and what holding you back you will know when its time to upgrade. So  focus on you the photographer and not your camera.

Best Regards Stephen   

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