Think Differently, See Differently

For the last 30 days, I been doing the Canon Take the Leap challenge, 30 challenges one new brief per day, which was interesting because it made you think, but more importantly to think differently and once you do you see differently.

How does one think differently and see differently, this is something all great photographers do every day and that is the reason that they are good at what they do, our brains process the things around us and we see things in a certain way, we learn to see things in the world by our life experiences.

But when you retrain your brain to see differently, then as a photographer you can capture the world differently, but how can I retrain my brain you might say, well like many things in life with your body with exercises and practice.

You will be surprised how you can change the way you think and see, I challenge you to try for the next thirty days to give it ago, what have you got to lose, who knows in thirty days from now you could be on your way to becoming a great photographer.

Your first challenge is “Hands” try and see then differently, to help I send you the next 29 briefs by email each day, sent me an email to join in at

Hope to get to know some photographers who are on their way to becoming great photographers

Best Regards


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