Take The Leap

Been a little while since my last post, but I been shooting lots of images around Brisbane and spending a couple of weeks in South Korea capturing life on the street.

This post I calling take the leap, Canon Australia are setting a brief each day the month of September and are asking photographers to take the leap, as a photographer you need to keep challenging yourself so you can grow and continue to be creative.

I believe the more you shoot and experiment with your photography the better you become as a photographer and the more creative and confident at the craft, I love the fact with photography you never stop learning, there always some new to master.

Getting good feedback from other photographers helps you refine your style , so posting some of your work is both helpful to yourself and may inspire others the expand their photography , but choose your forums with a little thought , sometimes posting publicly can attract negative feedback, which can be very damaging to a one’s confident.

Closed forums are good place to start posting some of your work, its gives a degree of safety, so get out look around , challenge yourself shoot different subjects, you don’t have to show anyone the things that didn’t work out.

So take the leap, remember the next the photo you take could be your best yet

Happy exploring the world ,with camera in hand


About the image 1/200sec /f4 ISO800 lit with Canon speedlites at a Daniel Linnet Speedlite Workshop in Brisbane Qld 0l5a7228_111_edited-1

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