Lights, Camera and Passion

0L5A6345_1Living life behind the lens you develop a new view on the world, but something grows, the need for more out of the images you’re making, some might say it becomes an obsession.

But for me its Passion putting a little bit of yourself in every image, and trying to be different, one hopes the style you develop is like a signature and people recognise the photographer from just looking at the image.

What’s needed to get this point, well its practice, practice and some more practice, followed by a lot more practice, to get better as a photographer it’s a case of keeping your finger on the button.

To be a good photographer you need to commit to the art, with it never too far from your thoughts, mentally taking photos in your head of the things around you, don’t under estimate the value of your camera phone, use when you see interesting shapes patterns or light, its great learning tool.

Behind the lens be yourself, break the rules of photography, be bold and experiment, push out side of your comfort zone, not too many people have achieved greatest by staying in their own backyard.

Mix with people who have similar passion for photography, a lot of people around you will not get you and your feeling’s and passion, but that ok.

Photography is one of those pursuits where you can live in the moment a couple of quotes from Buddha

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

A jug fills drop by drop.

Happy captures


Lend Me Your Eyes

Lend me your eyes; I promise to use them wisely, when a photographer creates an image its for the viewer to tell them something as photographers we had a duty of care to deliver on that promise.

Like the photographer the viewer is investing something in the process, their time emotions and feelings, it’s starting to sound like the photographer has to reward the viewer and deliver something that is pleasing, or entertaining or educational or all of the above and more.

Great photographer’s reward their viewers with stories that are told thought a lens and imprints that image to the viewer’s memory, sometimes it’s not what the photographer shows in the image, but what isn’t shown that why composition is one of a photographers most powerful tools.

It’s a case of less is more, to lead the viewer to a certain point, each viewer may get to a different point in the image each taking away something different, so the appeal for a photographer is being able connect at many levels with many people.

The age of the viewer will determine the how deep that connection is, are you getting a feeling there is a certain reasonability on the photographer, when they ask ”Lend Me Your Eyes” study some of your favorite images what are they telling you as the viewer.

So next time you ask someone to lend me your eyes, what are you going to say to them, the image I am posting with this piece I created with something relevant to the event surrounding this image, do you see it.

So until the next time you lend me your eyes, happy story telling

Regards Stephen Finkel0L5A4788_edited-1