The Happy Dance

Photographers are driven by the excitement of creating something unique, capturing a moment which is normally missed or not normally seen and being able to share the experience over and over again with the viewer.

For capturing that moment that’s only 1/125sec, but often getting to that point is days, months or sometime years of preparation, often the photographer has seen the image in their head they want to capture.

The process to capture this idea can mean learning new skills, like rock climbing or scuba diving etc. for sometimes it’s the location needed to stage the photograph and the access may be difficult requiring special skills.

Sometimes it involves learning new techniques and mastering them to get repeatable results, it can also about having the right gear or the right technology to be able to capture the image.

Often photographers will talk about that moment when they capture something special , and the feeling they get when they review the image, aka The Happy dance

So next time you see a great image think about the processes and the planning that must have been required to pull it off, and how the photographer must have felt, when they saw it come life on the back of the camera .

So next time you’re out with your camera I hope you have your own

Happy Dance moment.

Best Regards Stephen


About this image I had gone to my regular spot to capture the sunset, but for some reason walked around  to a spot ,I have photographed only a couple of times, a little inlet where the water is flat and calm. And this sunset just built in front of me , there were nobody else in this area seeing this but me, for me this was a Happy Dance moment IMG_5959-001


Using Photography to Make Connections

1-IMG_9699As humans we crave connection, photography and social media are a marriage made in heaven for connecting people with a common bond though photographs

Photography is providing the catalyst for face to face connections with Instagram meets, photo walks, workshops and a variety of other activities.

The photograph is one of the most important inventions never, when it comes to human relationships we keep images of loved ones and the things we care about and the things that are important to us.

A simple photograph can do many things, record a point in time, record a place, record a feeling or event, its tells the story like no other possession you keep .

You can be the receiver of the photograph, with yourself making a connection with the image; the creator may skillfully craft elements into the image to promote the connection, and the best part for the photographer you can be both the receiver and the creator.

The Singer/Musician Ed Sheeran song Photograph has great line “We keep this love in a photograph, We made these memories for ourselves,  Where our eyes are never closing, Hearts are never broken, Times forever frozen still”

So pick up your camera and start making connections, sharing the things you love and the things that are important to you.

So until we connect again happy memories