Is Photography a Thing ?

1-1-IMG_5524.JPGToday I am posing the question what is photography? Is Photography a thing or is it a process or a technology what is it really.

Is it an art form because the photographer creates an image from nothing but an idea , then chooses what will be seen in the frame as well as the lighting will it be dark or light , will it be colour or black and white. Is this what an artist does when they paint a picture?

Or is it more of a process, like making a shirt , first your come up with a design , collar or no collar , short sleeve long sleeve etc. then you choose the fabric natural or synthetic  , the color and pattern then someone sews it all together.

Or is it technology electronic signals captured and stored, transmitted and printed to produce a picture

The dictionary says this about a “Thing “

  1. an object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name to.
  2. an inanimate material object as distinct from a living sentient being.

So are any closer to understanding what photography is , to my way of thinking it’s all that and more I throw in to the mix passion , dedication , innovation, determination and I sure you can add to the list many more.

For me personally it’s a real thing a part of my life , what about you is photography a thing in your life?

Have fun experiencing this “Thing” called photography

Regards Stephen

The Creative Spark

Well the New Year is here and rolling fast already, so what will you create in 2016 is this your year to find your niche, I have talked about being different in your photography before.

Owning the scene and creating your look is getting harder to achieve , so what is answer is it finding the Creative Spark that light bulb moment, but how do you do that . Does it even exist and how do you find it, all good questions and not easy to answer.

For some people it finds them, but for others it’s a search trial and error and it may not be something in an area you haven’t even ventured into yet, I would recommend you immerse yourself in all things photography, and experiment lots and lots, don’t be disheartened a lot of things don’t pan out as planned.

But along the way you find some happy accident’s and you will like the results , photography is what you make of it , you’re in control of the camera , where its pointed how much it see’s , how bright or dark its.

Do what never helps gets ideas rolling , go to the local library read a few photography books , watch some YouTube clips , looking for that hint or spark to create your own images , it’s easy to recreate someone’s else images, but to create your own is such great feeling.

I think every photographer looks at other photographers images and say to themselves that a great idea I wished I had thought to shoot that, try and be that photographer that others look at your images and think that.

Be Creative, Be Original, but foremost, Be yourself.

Remember your best image might be the next image you take, so keep trying

Regards Stephen Finkel


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