New Year New Possibilities


1-1-IMG_8504_edited-2As 2015 come’s to a close, it’s a good time to reflect of your photography of the last 12 months, what have you learnt, what were your favorite subjects?

This and many more questions you can ask yourself , but the reason for the post is one I have talked about it before, “Personal Projects” with the new year there come’s new possibilities and opportunities.

Perfect time to set yourself a challenge as the new year, is a great reason to start something new, the possibilities are endless, here is a couple of ideas to get you thinking, capture the sunrise every morning, not every morning is going to be a stunning light show from the sun, some morning it might be raining the photos you create are secondly, it’s to give you motivation [a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way]

Or shoot with prime lens only your challenge could be every weekend you only use a 50mm prime lens it you don’t own one set your zoom to one focal length you may be able to tape the lens to hold the still and act a reminder, you have to work harder to get the shots.

A 365 project each day shoot a new theme or stick with a common theme, and shoot on whatever’s handy, which most likely be your phone camera, any photos you take no matter what camera you use will teach you something about light and composition.

To take great images first you have to put yourself in the location, it easily to make excuses why you couldn’t it’s too hot it’s too cold it’s too early etc. etc.

Some other tips, once you have decided on your theme, announce it the world on social media commitment helps to keep you on track, be realistic in your theme with a little degree of difficulty, don’t set yourself up to fail, this project is to grow your ability as a photographer.

Encourage other photographer’s to join you or help you, if you think that will help keep you on track, use whatever resources that are close to hand, and as always have fun with it.

So as the curtains begin to close on 2015, reflect on your images you have created in the last 12 months choose your favorites and share them with your networks , sometimes good to include the back story of the image.

Hoping for a safe and happy 2016 for everyone .

Best regards Stephen

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