The Photograph a Powerful Reminder

1-Untitled-1For the month of November, also known as Movember I grew a moustache to promote men’s health, and along the way photographed the progress.

Photography is a powerful tool in recording history and events, for everyday photographers it can be used to document life, to show friends and family , as photographs can be looked back on anytime to remind of those times or events.

Photography is an option for most people in the modern world with access to cameras so wide spread; sometimes it’s great to record something you enjoy so you can relive the experience over and over again.

Printing your photos makes them real, something you can touch and feel and others can see as well, with removable products like Blu-tack makes it easy to display and move around.

Our days are filled with many events, so go document your life and your family’s life use your camera print your photos and share with family and friends.

To keep you motivated start a personal photographic project, you choose  a theme some people do a 365 Project taking one photo a day of an aspect of their life, or each day take a photo of the sky or anything .

Once you got a collection of photos combine into a video timelapse to share them , hope this has got you thinking about a doing a project with your camera , I like the hash tag  “Capturelife”

Have fun capturing life with your camera

Regards Stephen

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