The Modern Camera. (It does it all ?)

Since photography was invented, the technology has been advancing every year, in 2015 we have some amazing equipment, so now the cameras are so good do we still need photographers to operate them.

Surely if you have a good camera anyone can take a good photo, why do you need a photographer , everyone can be master photographers with today’s technology.

So is it the camera or the photographer, let’s look at some other professions a master chef could cook you an amazing meal on a basic cooktop, a master cabinet maker could you a beautiful piece of furniture with basic hand tools, a master dress maker could make a beautiful piece of clothing on a simple sewing machine , an artist could paint a beautiful picture with a simple brush and some water colours.

Having the best cooktop in the world, or the best power tools, or best sewing machine , the purest bristles on your paint brush, none of these things will make you the best, sure they can help a little, but the bottom line is you some talent or ability.

So not everyone can be a top chef or top cabinet maker or top dress maker or top artist ,the same holds true for photography a good camera is helpful, but it the photographer who creates the image we see as the viewer.

Photography is an art form , and good photographers understand that , and work on developing their skills , they are the visual storytellers.

So in 2015 the photographer is not dead , far from it, Long Live the Photographer.

For Photomisson

Stephen Finkel1-1-0L5A4113

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