Own the Scene

How do you make scene a uniquely yours, especially when it’s been photographed by everyone, sometimes you see a great photo but you’re seen similar images before so it loses impact with the viewer.

There are ways like the time of the day , with different light can change a scene , angles up high down low moving the main point of view in the frame , most good photos the photographer has worked that bit harder for it .

Getting up early or staying up late , walking that bit further can make all the difference to your image , researching the location can be helpful , there days with google maps and other apps you can plan to capture the setting moon or other element in the scene giving it a unique look and feel.

Post production can be helpful to putting your own stamp on a scene , try keep it real for most scenes , there are times when you can push the boundaries when your expressing a point or it make sense for the subject.

Don’t forget black and white processing its great way of making a scene powerful and some times more interesting

Be the lone shooter, move away from the crowd get you own view, let your passion for photography show in your images be yourself don’t copy what others do.

Remember your best image might be the next one you take, so keep shooting and have fun.

Regards Stephen1-1-IMG_4350-001

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