Don’t let the Photos you didn’t take be one of your life Regrets

When is the best time to take a photo of something interesting , well it the moment you see it , what’s the best camera use, whatever you have with you at the time , which may be your phone.

I often re-tell   a story about a friend who sometimes drove past an old house that was falling down and leaning sideways covered in vines, it looked like the vines were holding the house up, he thought that would be a great photo, after months of seeing this building one day he took his camera so he could get the photo, when he got the house was gone, it had been putted down and the block leveled.

That has stuck in my head that in photography timing is everything, so seize the moment take the shot.

Some people I have met have a shot list of the things they want to capture for me it about discovering interesting subjects to capture, so my shot list is open ended and blank at the same time it that makes sense.

I want to capture a wide range of subjects in my images, I once thought I was an landscape photographer, but now realise that I am a photographer who like shooting landscapes, but I am not just a landscape photographer I shoot people, sport, macro, street photography, low light and well anything.

So what type of photographer are you? I hoping you say I am a “photographer” I shoot all things interesting, so shoot often and shoot varied.

The other thing enjoy your photography and make sure you share it and print it

Regards Stephen Finkel 1-IMG_5428-001

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