The Greatest Invention ?

Hi my first blog post for photomission , something to think about , what if photography was never invented, how would the world look.
Would we have social media , what would packaging look like, it so hard to imagine the world without photos, photography is a part of all our lives , how many images do you see a day ?
We relate and respond to the images we see each day , they can make us feel happy ,sad and sometimes angry, so is photography one of the most important things ever invented, I think yes it’s an important part of life. Photos tell stories , as a photographer you can use this to make a point, highlight an issue , express beauty , document events, and many other things. Photography has an instant effect on the viewer , unlike reading there you need time to process, I think this is why photography is so powerful. Photography is two person process the creator and the viewer , not all of us like reading , but we all like a good photograph.
So it doesn’t matter if your the photographer or just like photographs we can get equal enjoyment from the experience, so if your a photographer share your images , and if your the viewer and like what you see tell the the photographer.
So maybe photography is the greatest human invention, I let you be the judge of that
Best Regards
Stephen City Life

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